Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice review 2012

Ok, I was prepared to love this polish when I saw it on display.  It's a stand the bottle.

I found it a little difficult to control the glitter on the brush, so I just started brushing like I normally would polish and let the glitter fall where it may (this is the photo you see: pinky).  Then I tried dabbing it on like I normally would a chunky glitter.  That was promptly taken off when it decided not to dry after being on for over 10 minutes.  

Pinky: 1 coat
Ring: 2 coats
Middle: 3 coats
Index: 2 coats over 1 coat SC Black on Black
Thumb: 2 coats over 1 coat OPI A Roll In The Hague

Note: I have been having issues with SC nail polishes drying lately...even thin coats, so this test result was not all that surprising to me.  I will have to get a fan to try and alleviate this issue, but I am not even sure that this will help, as I wore it all the way to the airport (with the windows down) and back and my index and thumb  STILL weren't completely dry after over an hour from being away from the house.  O.O

I will have to try this set again when conditions might be better, IE: middle of winter when the heater is on in the house and is drying everything out, including us.  I think I would have been better off using *just* the glitter with out the base seemed to shrink as you can see, on the index and thumb, with some minor shrinkage on the other 3 (which is less noticeable).  

Thanks guys for reading.  I was overall, a little depressed about this testing because I expected much better today.  :/

Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison collection 2012

OK, so normally I don't go for darker shades of polish.  I love a good metallic however.  These new Wet N Wild polishes really do fit the bill of go to metallic bases very well.

When I saw swatches online, I knew I needed to get hold of these for myself, even though they are quite dark.  At first glance in person, they aren't awfully impressive--I just about missed them, in fact.  O.O

From Left to Right:
33908 Venomous Vixen
33907 Toxic Apple
33906 Lethal Injection
33905 Deadly Dose
33904 Poison Ivy
33903 Root Of All Evil

Over all, good coverage except for the Venomous Vixen, which needed two coats to make come through good.  I did swatches on the wheels instead of finger nails because my nails are still recovering from their shearing.

Indoor Photos.  Not real inspiring indoors I have to say.  Maybe Root of All Evil, Deadly Dose and Lethal Injection are okay in indoor lighting...but the rest are rather flat in my opinion.

But then...(dum, dum, duuummm...)

...this stuff looks totally different in sunlight!  From a rather dark, non-descript group to POW!  Bright blue, Dark green, Shimmery gold, Flashy magenta/win, Dark blue, and Shining silver!  

Definitely a catwalk look...needs sunlight to really set it off.  Overall, I like this collection, but I am not sure that I will reach for these as often as my others.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Different Dimensions: 09/21/2012 Awesome polish, Awesome price!

I have been wanting to try the Different Dimensions polish ever since I started hearing about them.  I did her 3 mini bottle testers for $11.00.  Looks like it was a good deal.

The stickers on the bottles aren't real inspiring...but you quickly get beyond that when you see the colors reflecting from the bottle. Wonderful shine.  Powerful punch when you go to put them on.

(Left to right: That is so Fetch!, Rainbows and Butterflies, and Iris)

They all went on really nicely, first off.  Smooth and not chunky.

These swatches are all done with 2 coats. I got the impression that it *might* only take one coat of the Iris to  make a bold statement.  The Rainbows and Butterflies DOES have butterflies in it...but I have a feeling the polish wasn't meant to have a butterfly on each nail each'd run out really quick.  Think of it as an "accent butterfly".

I am hoping to do some actual nail samples after I am done with the 10 Challenge, but I do want to give my nails a few days break to re-shape and get them strong again.  I had no idea how rough nail polish remover (this one I am using is non-acetone) can be when you use it regularly...or maybe I am just using the wrong polish remover.  

Watch for an update to this blog post VERY soon...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will Work for Polish!!

I am planning to use this space for reviewing polishes and other nail care items.  If you have any nail polishes, lotions or cuticle care items in the works that you would like tested, please message me for my address and let me know your blog address and website if you have one.  Thanks!  Sandra

Don't hesitate to use me!  I am completely unbiased...I do not take into account who the polish maker is.  I only look at the polish in an objective way.  We all want the polish to be a smashing success, right?  Please check out my reviews I've done...unsolicited...and brutally honest...even if I don't wanna be.

Who have I done reviews for?  Here is a list:

(DD, I did unsolicited, but I believe I may be doing more for her soon!)

I have more coming, so many that I am not sure all who is sending, but I will be reviewing them as I get them, so GET THOSE BLOGGER SAMPLES TO ME ASAP!  :D  Have a great day everyone!