Saturday, January 5, 2013

Julep Colbie: Glitter-Tastic...

Hi all!  I decided to give everyone a glimpse of the Julep Polishes that I got this year.  My last one was purchased from someone other than Julep, but I am also going to include it.

I decided to start in alphabetical order with a few exceptions.
Here is the first one...Julep Colbie.
The name reminded me of Colbie Caillat the singer.  I like her music. Click on her name for my favorite song of hers.
I start with a base coat and applied Zoya Apple on two fingers as undies. 
This is a yummy color all by itself. 
Then I put the Colbie over it:

I think I like it better over the Zoya polish.  Not a fan of it by would look pretty over other shimmers as well.

Application was a little thick, but yet sparse...if that makes sense? It tended to run forward to the tips while applying.  Decided to agitate and roll it even  more to see if that fixed the problem. Nope.  If anything, I think it got worse. My mantra with this one was "Thin Coats. Thin Coats. Thin Coats." I had to re-do it on a couple of nails and got frustrated with my second attempt (index and pinky) so I finally just left it at 2 coats. Surprisingly, the ones with undies I only needed one coat to make it look good.

Overall on this one: C as a stand-alone. B as a one-coat overlay.


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