Monday, April 15, 2013

Nail Art Society April 2013 bag

Ok, so I've been getting the Nail Art Society bag for several months now...pretty much the beginning I think, if not THE beginning and they have been getting progressively better and better.

Here is what I got for the April 2013 Nail Art bag:

KISS Nail Art Striping Polish: purple, pink and turquoise.

In the KISS Nail Art striper set there were these nifty nail guides and gems!  SWEET!

Here are the bows by Adoro...called Love Stones.  So cute!  Comes in a great storage case.  

Nail Art Striping Tape in turquoise.  Couldn't really tell what the brand name is, but if you know it please let
me know so that I can give credit where credit is due.

And last but not least, a staple for any nail art person: Nail Art Glue.  Handy for quick fixes too.  :D

And here it the manicure that I finished up using one the Bows.  The polish is Different Dimension Vervain, a white-based multiple size purple glitter polish.  YUMMY!  I didn't want to take it off.  LOL!

So anyway, there ya go!  I think the NAS did a great job this time...and I can see it just getting better.

Wanna sign up?  Here is the link:
$9.95/month, debited monthly from your choice of accounts.  :D

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