Friday, October 26, 2012

Glitzology Nail Polish!

A new-comer on the Indie polish scene...she makes awesome glitter-infused polishes.  I have ordered a few, but reportedly, some others are coming my way that I didn't expect.  Woot!  

I got a healthy array of colors from her collection.  I ordered Country Girl, Baby Dragon and Skeleton Key.  She also sent Guardian Angel, Blue Lagoon and Crown Royal for me to review. The labels are cute...nice sized bottles are FULL of value!

I decided to swatch on a wheel first.  This is one coat.  Plenty of glittery goodness in just the one coat.  Like any heavily fortified glitter, you do need to finesse it a bit, but it is pretty cooperative.

From Top to Bottom:
Baby Dragon
Blue Lagoon
Country Girl
Crown Royal
Guardian Angel
Skeleton Key

I decided to do a second layer.  I thought it was cool before.  Even MORE glittery goodness!  I am floored!  I cannot stop looking...second layer went on really nice too.

With most, a nearly a complete layer with 2 coats!  Awesome!

Here is Baby Dragon over black, green, two coats and one you can see the difference:

I used three coats of Seche Vite and I got even more shine.  They are thirsty little buggers, but I don't mind.  As little of the polish as it takes, I don't mind a couple layers of Seche.

OK, that's it for now. I will wear this the rest of today and then do more swatching tomorrow.  :D  

Pardon me while I stare at my fingernails for a while...

Next Polish up: Blue Lagoon...such a yummy color.

Ok, so all of the polishes look awesome in the bottle.  This one is stunning both in the bottle...

...and on the fingers.  I took a photo of the bases so you could see what I was working with. All WnW Megalasts colors: I Need A Refresh-Mint, Root Of All Evil and Poison Ivy.

Thumb: I Need A Refresh-Mint
Index: Root Of All Evil

Middle: Poison Ivy
Ring: Two coats alone
PInky: One coat alone

As you can see, I got nearly perfect coverage in two coats with this polish, which I love.  It was equally stunning on all of the colors I tried.  

Next Up: Country Girl!

The yellow jelly base kinda threw me for a bit...but I LOVE it over greens!  I used SC Irish Green on the index finger and Revlon Bonsai for the middle finger.  Wow!  I am not a great fan of it alone, but as an overlay OH YES!

Next Up: Crown Royal:

All I can say is OMGoodness!  It is so pretty!  It looks all nice and glittery in the bottle...and I couldn't get the color to come out quite right in my photos...but it looks good over purple, gold and silver...because it has ALL 3 IN IT!  Wow.  A perfect blend of purple, gold and silver fine glitters...and gold and silver square/diamond glitters.  This one really says Mardi Gras to me and I love it!  I will be wearing this one often!

Up Next: Guardian Angel:

I really like this color.  Undies include ChG Naked, Essie Angora Cardi, KC Metallic Black, Orly Decades of Dysfunction and then the pinky is two coats of Guardian Angel by itself.  OMGosh is this pretty.  Pink and Pastel pink hearts, white and irridescent glitter, transparent gold mica, small pink squares and pink and white satin glitters.

This one looks good all by itself...but I love it over the pink on my thumb, where it represents the last days of October.  But Breast Cancer Awareness shouldn't just be in should be ALL YEAR ROUND.  Get checked frequently...the life you save could be yours!

Up Next: Skeleton Key:

Believe me, this is not JUST a Halloween polish.  Oh, the name evinces the thought of Halloween...but the color could be used anytime as far as I am concerned.  I LOVE this one.  I have it layered her over the following colors:

Thumb: SH White On
Index: KC Metallic Black

Middle: Orly Decoded
Ring: Savvy Deep Amethyst
Pinky: 2 coats of Skeleton Key
Well, I eagerly look forward to more of her polish.  Stay tuned here for more.  I will probably add on here as I add them to my nail polish black ho--er...collection.  

If you want to purchase her polish (I know *I* want more!), before you check out, put in this code:  ILOVEGLITTER20 for 20% off your order!  

Go now!
1. Who are you?
My name is Stacy. I'm a professional nail tech living in a small town in Ohio, USA. When I'm not doing nails or being distracted by glitter or other shiny objects, I like to spend time with my crazy family and boyfriend, play with my little Boston Terrier, George, watch too much tv, and read nerdy fantasy books.
2.Store Link:

3. When did you open?
After weeks of testing, preparing, and second guessing myself, I finally opened on October 19, 2012. The name Glitzology came from my boyfriend, who was teasing me about my glitter mixing "lab". He said something along the lines of "Look at you over there, with your funnels, and your measuring devices. You're like a glitter scientist, a glitzologist!" I loved the word, so I named my shop after it!

4. What do you make/carry in your shop?

Right now I carry about 40 colors of hand made glitter nail polish. I plan to add a few new colors every week or so. I would also like to get into other beauty products, like scented lotions, soaps, and maybe even other cosmetics like eyeshadow.

5. What got you started doing what you do?
I've always played "mad scientist" with my polishes at work; combining colors together, adding glitter, etc. My friend and fellow nail tech, Missi, introduced me to the world of indie polish. When I learned I could make my own colors from scratch, I was hooked! For me, making polish is just an extension of working with what I love, nails, glitter, color, etc.
6. What inspires you?
I seriously get inspired by everything! My family and friends, television, books, food, holidays. Sometimes I will hear a clever word, phrase, or quote and I write it down to make a polish with that name later. Other times, I mix random colors and have a hard time naming my "creation".

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