Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Candii Polished Nails!

As promised...a gorgeous collection that I have the great honor of playing with over the last few days. Wow!  I love it.  Here are the ones I got as well as a mystery polish that she sent me to review.

Candii Polished from Left to Right:
Teal To Heal (Ovarian Cancer Awareness)--teal glitter overload (I LOVE IT!)
Purple Haze--reddish-purple shimmer/holo
Blurple--blueish-purple shimmer/holo
Breast Wishes (Breast Cancer Awareness)--pink glitter overload (I LOVE IT!)

They are pretty in the bottles.  Even prettier on the tips:
Teal To Heal: Turquoise blue hexes, diamonds and fine glitter make this a wonderful treat for any blue lover. I love this over greens and blues in this general color hue. The clear background makes it great as an overlay.  This photo was of two coats.

Here is another photo of Teal To Heal with an undie of Sinful Colors Gorgeous...shows the true beauty of the polish.  Very yummy!

Purple Haze: It's purple shimmer, but has a holo feel to it.  This is two coats and it is completely opaque. (excuse the funky cuticle--it looks sore, but it was actually just needing hydration badly)

Blurple: blue-purple shimmer with a holographic element in there. I love this one...it shimmers in whatever light you put it in, but in sunlight, the purple hue really comes out.  Here it looks more lavender-blue.

Breast Wishes: various pink hexes in different sizes, light pink hearts, darker pink metallic bar glitter and more...a feast for the glitter lover. This is two coats.  Being a clear base, it works fabulously over your favorite pink undie!

And this is my SURPRISE POLISH!  Isn't this pretty?!  Ok, so my photo is bad...in truth, it is very deceiving in how it looks in the bottle...

...because ON THE NAIL--O-M-G!  I love this nude! This is the perfect nude for MY skintone.  I hate nudes.  I never wear them because they always look funky with my skintone.  They are almost always too yellow or too pink.  But this one is different. For one, it's not a sheer.  In two coats, it is opaque and DUOCHROME!:

Another photo...I was the dingbat that dinged the finish on my thumb before it was dry.  Grr.  You can see is not visible in the photo above.

You are welcome, Aveeno, for the unsolicited advertisement.  :D

Isn't this pretty!?  I am going to HAVE to encourage larger bottles of this one...or more bottles, whichever she is willing to do. :D   This is definitely THE go-to polish for those of us ladies that have a golden skin tone year-round.!

If you are interested in seeing more of what she has to offer, go check out her links.   :D

Candii Blossom Cosmetics: https://www.facebook.com/Blossoms31?fref=ts
Candii Polished Nail Polish: https://www.facebook.com/CandiiPolished
PURCHASE IT HERE!: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/CandiiBlossomCosmetics/1/7/251399//

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