Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kleancolors inexpensive nail polish that have gotten mixed reviews after several searches.  So I decided to give my own spin on the reviews.

The bottles are very cool...and tall.  The caps are easy to hold and the brushes are a nice length.
Colors, left to right and the number of coats it took to get to this point:

52 Dark Brown x 2
66 Sweet Pink x 2
135 Holo Blue x 3
134 Holo Pink x 2
94 Holo Chrome x 2
197 Salsa Much x 2
92 Holiday Jingle x 3
36 Sparkle Purple x 6+
95 Disco Ball x 3

Let's just say right now...most were awesome in their coverage.  I will be reaching for that Green glitter for Christmas and that holo blue and holo chrome for the winter months.  That disco ball is gorgeous, but I would like it better if it was smaller micro glitter.  That Salsa Much is actually a HOLO, even though it doesn't really say so.  It has the same glisten and shine that the other holos do.  The two plain janes, as I call them, were nice to put on.  The dark brown and the pink were two coaters...the first coat streaky, the second coat filled it in very nicely.

So the next time you need a cheap fix...head to the Kleancolors!

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