Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Different Dimension: Right To Vote 2012

The delightful owner and polish crafter at Different Dimension decided to make us this very patriotic polish.

The catch to get it was: Prove you are registered to vote.  That was it.  So simple.  Then we just paid shipping and materials: $4.00.  FULL-SIZE bottle folks!  Last I had heard, she still has some, so if you love these photos, GO GET IT ASAP!!


Left photo: the bottle with completed, 2 coat manicure.  It's lovely.  Understated, a good glitter to start with for those that really haven't done an Indie glitter polish before.

Right photo: a little closer photo of the whole manicure.

Left photo: Thumb. You can see the white hexes in there.
Right photo: Pinky. Mini red and blue glitters, larger white hexes in a white base.  This is two coats.

It only took two coats for an opaque coverage. These photos are 1 coat of top coat. 2 hours later, this does need another coat of top coat...it is a little rough now.  This is pretty normal.

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