Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paper Heart Productions Nail Polish and Supplies NOW DEFUNCT


I have had some of you asking who this polish maker I decided to ask her.  :D

OK, so here they are...or at least this is how they came to me.  Such a cute packaging concept. She has several other colors, but these are the ones I picked out.

Ok, left to right: Steelers, Proud As A Peacock, and Plain Jane Peacock.  

I had to wait a while to test these, as I had a HUGE line-up of reviews to do.  So these bottle sat for a bit after I got them.  I didn't notice any settling or separating.  Awesome so far!  What little settling there was was like normal and nothing several shakes and rolls like I normally do that couldn't fix that.


What she has to say:: She has just a generic description, but here is her link.  This one is a part of a series of football teams.  Steelers and More at Paper Heart Productions

I like this one as an overlay A LOT.  

(Ring Finger: two coats no undie. Pinky Finger: 1 coat over Plain Jane Peacock--almost looked like Pretty As A Peacock, shown below)

A light shimmer base in a golden hue gives a subdued backdrop for the very pronounced black glitter.   Would look most excellent over a holographic color.



Her description:  My new FAVORITE! This beauty was made up of a few mixes of jelly polishes and gold shimmer mica's, with an added twist of black hex glitters. I started out with just the beautiful shade of turquoise/gold base (which can be purchased without glitter, called "Plain Jane Peacock".) Pointer and ring fingers have 2-3 of just this polish using glitters, while the middle finger has 2-3 coats of the original "Plain Jane Peacock" and only one coat of "Proud as a Peacock" on the tip.

I wasn't sure what to think of this one.  I like it, but I don't love it.

(Pretty as A Peacock on thumb)

The black glitter is a little overpowering for me (I know, shocking right?) and I had to move the glitter around on my nail to get more coverage, but this is up to the user more so than the polish problem.  It came out a tiny bit lighter on me than it appeared in the bottle, but this is alright with me, since I like the base.  I think I *might* have liked to have seen her add some holographic blue or purple micro glitter in the base to help get the shimmery peacock effect.  That said, all polish makers have their inspirations for the colors they make and this is her take on a peacock.  



Her description:  This is the glitter-less sister of "Proud as a Peacock". I, personally, like a beautiful plain polish without all the glitter glamour sometimes, but I couldn't choose between with or without so I made this blend with both options. It's a mix of jelly polishes with a touch a gold shimmer mica to it. Comes out as a turquoise base with gold shimmer in the light with only 2-3 coats and goes on so smooth.

Very pretty shimmer, though on me, it came out as more of a limey green with a gold shimmer.  Very nice holographic-vibed polish.  I think this has to be my favorite of the group and I hope she decides to add some "plain" bases like this one to her selection.  I would go for them.  This one went on really nicely, this photo is two coats.


SO there you have it!  I plan to add more to my blog about her polishes as I try them!



Shop Name: My shop name is Paper Heart Productions, but it's actually searched for by Paper Heart Nails on Etsy because Productions was already taken. :(

Owner: I am the owner, and my name is Kelley Major.

Websites You Own:
My websites: (no s on production)
- my Instagram is @paperheartnails
- my email is

When did you start making polish?
I am only just starting out. I didn't make polish long before I started selling, seeing as most of the supplies you have to buy in bulk to get a reasonable rate, so I knew I'd have to sell to kind of keep up with my hobby. 

When did you first start selling your polish/items:
Tomorrow is actually one month since my first sale! My etsy says I've been open since September 17 though I think. 

Are your polishes 3-free?
All my polishes are 3-free! 

How long do you test your polishes/mixes?
I make my polishes, let them sit overnight to settle, wear them myself for a day, then once satisfied, I put them up for sale. 

What is your inspiration?
I'm a nail polish-aholic, and I'm only working part-time right now, so I figured why not combine my hobby/(obsession lol) into a business and keep me occupied in my down time. 

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