Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty And Polished

A call was put out for bloggers to do some reviews on Chelsea Marie's polishes, Pretty And Polished.  I, of course, was in line because I really do like her polishes.

So here is what I purchased:
Pretty As A Peacock
Christmas Wreath
Happy Holodaze mini duo (includes Ruby base polish and Glitter topper)

Without further ado...

Christmas Wreath:  2 coats.

Her description: a reformulated polish from last Christmas that I had made for blogger friends. It has a dark green base and is packed with green shreds, red hexes, and holo golden glitter.

First photo is without topcoat, and to be honest is my favorite way to wear it.  It has texture, which I wasn't sure I liked at first, but it grew on me.  The right photo is with a top coat.  Very thirsty polish, but the wear was good.  I love the little bits of red that pop out of the base.  Lovely.

Happy Holodaze Ruby and Glitter: first photo-1 coat, right photo-2 coats.


Her description: polish one is is a holographic ruby base, polish two is a green and red glitter topper

Yes, a RED HOLO!  It's pretty.  It was kinda of pink rather than red and it shows in these photos.  With the color of the glitter that goes with it, I expected more of true red.  It works, though...when I added the top coat as you can see below.  She knows what she's doing.  The base as it is makes it so that the red shows up...had the base been darker or a different shade, the red glitter wouldn't have shown.  Nice job!

Really stunning.

Pretty As A Peacock: 2 coats.


Her description: emerald green base filled with teal, blue, purple, and green glitters

I decided to put undies under this one on a lark.  Thumb: China Glaze Towel Boy Toy (matte), Index: NYC East Village (Holo).  The rest of the fingers have no undies.  This polish also has a texture. I like that. I put on two coats of High Gloss topcoat and it was still a bit textured.  I think this one has to be my favorite of the group.  I love the flecks of turquoise that match the colors that you would expect and the shimmery green body feathers of a male peacock.  I can very much see where she got the name of this polish. 

So there are those polishes.  I will hopefully have some more polishes to review soon.  :D

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