Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will Work for Polish!!

I am planning to use this space for reviewing polishes and other nail care items.  If you have any nail polishes, lotions or cuticle care items in the works that you would like tested, please message me for my address and let me know your blog address and website if you have one.  Thanks!  Sandra

Don't hesitate to use me!  I am completely unbiased...I do not take into account who the polish maker is.  I only look at the polish in an objective way.  We all want the polish to be a smashing success, right?  Please check out my reviews I've done...unsolicited...and brutally honest...even if I don't wanna be.

Who have I done reviews for?  Here is a list:

(DD, I did unsolicited, but I believe I may be doing more for her soon!)

I have more coming, so many that I am not sure all who is sending, but I will be reviewing them as I get them, so GET THOSE BLOGGER SAMPLES TO ME ASAP!  :D  Have a great day everyone!

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