Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison collection 2012

OK, so normally I don't go for darker shades of polish.  I love a good metallic however.  These new Wet N Wild polishes really do fit the bill of go to metallic bases very well.

When I saw swatches online, I knew I needed to get hold of these for myself, even though they are quite dark.  At first glance in person, they aren't awfully impressive--I just about missed them, in fact.  O.O

From Left to Right:
33908 Venomous Vixen
33907 Toxic Apple
33906 Lethal Injection
33905 Deadly Dose
33904 Poison Ivy
33903 Root Of All Evil

Over all, good coverage except for the Venomous Vixen, which needed two coats to make come through good.  I did swatches on the wheels instead of finger nails because my nails are still recovering from their shearing.

Indoor Photos.  Not real inspiring indoors I have to say.  Maybe Root of All Evil, Deadly Dose and Lethal Injection are okay in indoor lighting...but the rest are rather flat in my opinion.

But then...(dum, dum, duuummm...)

...this stuff looks totally different in sunlight!  From a rather dark, non-descript group to POW!  Bright blue, Dark green, Shimmery gold, Flashy magenta/win, Dark blue, and Shining silver!  

Definitely a catwalk look...needs sunlight to really set it off.  Overall, I like this collection, but I am not sure that I will reach for these as often as my others.

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