Friday, September 21, 2012

Different Dimensions: 09/21/2012 Awesome polish, Awesome price!

I have been wanting to try the Different Dimensions polish ever since I started hearing about them.  I did her 3 mini bottle testers for $11.00.  Looks like it was a good deal.

The stickers on the bottles aren't real inspiring...but you quickly get beyond that when you see the colors reflecting from the bottle. Wonderful shine.  Powerful punch when you go to put them on.

(Left to right: That is so Fetch!, Rainbows and Butterflies, and Iris)

They all went on really nicely, first off.  Smooth and not chunky.

These swatches are all done with 2 coats. I got the impression that it *might* only take one coat of the Iris to  make a bold statement.  The Rainbows and Butterflies DOES have butterflies in it...but I have a feeling the polish wasn't meant to have a butterfly on each nail each'd run out really quick.  Think of it as an "accent butterfly".

I am hoping to do some actual nail samples after I am done with the 10 Challenge, but I do want to give my nails a few days break to re-shape and get them strong again.  I had no idea how rough nail polish remover (this one I am using is non-acetone) can be when you use it regularly...or maybe I am just using the wrong polish remover.  

Watch for an update to this blog post VERY soon...

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